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April 17, 2019

Dallas, Texas

Host Committee Members: Wade Decker, Ken Eldred, Sam Fritcher, J.B. Horton, Bob McEwen, Norm Miller, Ann Quest, Bryan Slaton, Mike Slaton, Jodie Thompson, Jr., and Don Wood

We invite you to join us for our April 2019 Executive Engagement Luncheon.  There is no cost other than your meal, and this is not a fundraising event.  We want to equip business leaders with influence and resources to multiply their impact. 

Tim Dunn, a successful businessman in the oil industry in Midland, is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Empower Texans and Vice Chairman of Board of Texas Public Policy Foundation.  Tim has given significantly generous amounts to both non-profits and political candidates.  He will be sharing his overall strategy of using the blessings God has entrusted to him.  We will also receive a timely update on the legislative session from Chuck DeVore, Vice President of National Initiatives with the Texas Public Policy Foundation.  

Our second luncheon of 2019 will focus on being good stewards of God's blessings and impacting our culture for Christian conservative values.   The 90 minute luncheons begin and end promptly with the goal of building relationships that can multiply your influence to protect religious liberty and free economic opportunities. 

iVoterGuide is dedicated to bringing people together who share our values and to promoting the cause of Christ by equipping voters to be good stewards of their citizenship.


Confirmed Guests:

Tim Dunn 
Founder and CEO, CrownQuest Operating; Chairman of Empower Texans and King's College in NYC; Vice Chairman of the Board of directors at the Texas Public Policy Foundation and First Liberty Institute.

Born and raised in the oil-rich plains of West Texas, Tim learned hard work from his father and earned a Chemical Engineering degree from Texas Tech.  After a God-led journey through jobs with Exxon Production Research Corporation, then into the banking industry with First City Bancorporation, Tim returned to Midland.

In 1996, Tim co-founded a business now known as CrownQuest Operating where he now serves as CEO.  In addition to his deep involvement in the petroleum industry, Tim has worked passionately in fields of education and fiscal responsibility by founding the Midland Classical Academy and later Texans for Fiscal Responsibility and continues to serve on the boards of both.

Tim and his wife, Terri, make their home Midland, TX where they are the proud parents of 6 children and 17 grandchildren.

Debbie Wuthnow
President, iVoterGuide

Debbie Wuthnow is President of iVoterGuide, a 501(c)(4) organization and a project of Heritage Alliance. Wuthnow holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Princeton University and was a systems engineer at AT&T. She spent many years as a stay-at-home Mom while organizing events at in her church and community.

Debbie joined Heritage Alliance in 2011 and was named President in 2018.  Since assuming a leadership role, Debbie led the organization to grow from 12 partners to 32 partners and reached over one million voters nationwide last year.

Debbie lives in Austin, Texas and her most precious time is spent with her husband, Mark. She now has 3 grown children, and in her spare time still enjoys sewing and playing hand bells.

The Honorable Chuck DeVore
Vice President of National Initiatives, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Chuck DeVore has been with the Texas Public Policy Foundation since 2011 and is Vice President of National Initiatives.

From 2004 to 2010, Chuck DeVore represented almost 500,000 people in the California State Assembly in coastal Orange County.In 2010, Chuck competed for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in California, earning more than 450,000 votes and raising more than $2.6 million.  Prior to his public service, Chuck worked in the aerospace industry for 13 years as an executive.

Chuck served as a Reagan White House appointee in the Pentagon from 1986 to 1988 as Special Assistant for Foreign Affairs.

Chuck is a frequent FOX News contributor and author of "The Texas Model:  Prosperity in the Lone Star State and Lessons for America."  He lives in Texas with his wife, Diane, and has two daughters.

    Host Committee

  • Wade Decker
  • Ken Eldred
  • Sam Fritcher
  • J.B. Horton
  • Bob McEwen
  • Norm Miller
  • Ann Quest
  • Bryan Slaton
  • Mike Slaton
  • Jodie Thompson, Jr.
  • Don Wood


Royal Oaks Country Club
3705 Greenville Ave.
Dallas, Texas 75231

Parking is Free
You may use valet or self-park at no cost.
The luncheon is dutch treat and no fundraising appeal will be made.
iVoterGuide is dedicated to bringing people together who share our values and to promoting the cause of Christ by equipping voters to be good stewards of their citizenship.